About Dulis Shoes

Dulis Shoes is a Portuguese brand established in 1983 as a private company. Our aim is to innovate and to take on the children’s footwear market by working according to the highest quality standards, creating playful designs and recognizing the need for environmentally friendly production.

Dulis Shoes - Go Play

In 1986 after starting its export activity, Dulis became an international trader. From then on, besides marketing the Dulis brand, we also started producing for other customers (private label).
In 2002, Dulis stopped their commercial activities and the former business model of the brand was integrated into Calçado Gaiato Lda.

This year (2012) we renewed our logo and relaunched the Dulis brand. We created a collection specifically aimed at the Dutch market, where we established strong business relationships in previous years due to the production for private labels.